Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vanilla Bean Frozen Custard ... my new favorite ice cream

You guys.  This chocolate ice cream lover has just fallen head over heels for vanilla.  Big time.
vanilla bean frozen custard from @bakeat350
Lately, I can't stop thinking about frozen custard.  I blame you, Freddy's.

This vanilla bean frozen custard is luscious, creamy, rich, and it's also officially my new favorite.

vanilla bean frozen custard from @bakeat350
Ice creams and frozen custards are a cinch to make.  This one starts with a cooked custard base.  Don't let that scare you.  I's easy.

vanilla bean frozen custard from @bakeat350
Once the custard finishes freezing in your ice cream machine, it'll be soft.  Pop it in the freezer for a few hours to let it harden up and become scoopable.  (That is, if there's any left to may eat it all before it gets there.)

Click on over to Imperial Sugar; I'm sharing the recipe there.

vanilla bean frozen custard from @bakeat350
Chocolate, there's a new kid in town!


  1. THAT makes me want an ice cream maker! Any suggestions?

  2. I'll pick vanilla frozen custard over chocolate any time........did I not take you to Ted Drews when you were here? It's a St. Louis landmark for the BEST frozen custard! If I didn't, you need to come back ;)

  3. I need this in my life. And maybe a pie or two. And some chocolate fudge sauce.

  4. I really need to pick up some more vanilla beans. We love frozen custard! This looks like the perfect summer treat.

  5. I'd drool over vanilla bean frozen custard, anytime. These look incredible :)

  6. This looks so good. I love frozen custard and miss it so much since I moved back to the west coast.

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