Thursday, March 28, 2013

Double-decker Bunnies, take two

Two cookies always beat one, yes? 
double decker choc bunnies 1 photo doubledeckerchocbunnies1.jpg
Last year, I made little double-decker bunnies and thought this year needed some double-decker action as well.  (That sounds weird.)

Anyway...I love the shape of this bunny cookie cutter.  It's just perfect for a "chocolate" bunny.  I do have three egg cookie cutters (everyone needs three, right?), but none larger than the bunny cutter.  So, using the bunny cutter as a guide, I just cut large eggs with a paring knife:
double decker choc bunnies cut photo doubledeckerchocbunniescut.jpg
These babies are big...the egg cookie is 6 & a half inches.  Easter is for celebrating.

{Oh, PS. That edible Easter grass?  Cute, but not exactly delicious.}

double decker choc bunnies 2 photo doubledeckerchocbunnies2.jpg
To make these double-decker bunny cookies, you'll need:

  • sugar cookies cut with a bunny cookie cutter and hand-cut with a paring knife
  • royal icing, divided and tinted with AmeriColor Sky Blue mixed with Ivory & Chocolate Brown, Bright White
  • disposable icing bags
  • coupler and tips: #2, #1
  • squeeze bottles 
  • toothpicks
  • small ramekin
  • small, clean paintbrush
double decker choc bunnies outline photo doubledeckerchocbunniesoutline.jpg
Use #2 tips to outline both the bunny and the egg.

Thin the blue and brown icings with water, a bit at a time, stirring with a silicone spatula, until it is the consistency of a thick syrup.  (Reserve some of the blue icing for piping details later.) You'll want to drop a "ribbon" of icing back into the bowl and have it disappear in a count of "one thousand one, one thousand two." Four is too thick, one is too thin.  Count of 2-3 is good.  Cover with a damp dishcloth and let sit for several minutes.

Stir gently with a silicone spatula to pop and large air bubbles that have formed.  Pour into squeeze bottles as needed. 

double decker choc bunnies flood photo doubledeckerchocbunniesflood.jpg
Fill in the outlines with the thinned icing, using a toothpick to guide to the edges and to pop large air bubbles.

Let the cookies dry at least one hour.

Add the details to the bunny cookie, using a #2 tip for the bow and #1 tip for the eye.

Let the cookies dry uncovered, 6-8 hours, or overnight.

The next day, add the "speckles" to the eggs.  Mix equal(ish) parts water and chocolate brown food coloring.  Dip a clean paintbrush into the mixture and flick over the cookies with a GLOVED finger.
(For more details and pictures of the speckling process, click over to this post.)

This will dry in about 15-30 minutes.

double decker choc bunnies attach photo doubledeckerchocbunniesattach.jpg
Apply piping consistency icing to the back of the bunny cookies...just a bit will do, we don't want oozing.  Gently press in place on the egg cookie.  Let dry for 30 minutes or more to set.

double decker choc bunnies side photo doubledeckerchocbunniesside.jpg
Double-decker, 6-inch tall, speckled eggs & bunnies.  Just one placed in a treat bag and tied with a pretty ribbon makes the perfect Easter gift!

Happy Easter, bunnies! 


  1. I'm obsessed with all of your double decker cookies!!!

  2. These cookies are amazing!! Love the speckles on the egg.. CUTE!

  3. So fun and so cute! i am all for th double decker action...cookie on cookie though. Still came out sounding weird...


  4. Definitely saving this recipe! ~ Michelle

  5. Very cute!! The speckles on the egg is probably my favorite detail :) Soooo cute!!!

  6. So cute! Seriously, my jaw dropped and I said. " OMG, so cute!".

  7. The cutest! I will always love those colors together. How fun! Happy Easter Weekend, Bridget!

  8. It looks great and you're totally right, always two cookies are better than one. Happy Easter!

  9. Freaking cute and I love that you speckled the eggs!

  10. These are *adorable*! LOVE the speckled eggs.

  11. The chocolate bunny cookies against the speckled eggs are gorgeous, as is your presentation in the little bowls with the edible grass. Wishing you a lovely Easter :)

  12. Love these cookies, so cute! And I totally agree with you on the edible grass, lol, mine tasted like stale wafers (blech).

  13. These have got to be the cutest double-decker cookies ever, Bridget! So very sweet for Easter with the chocolate bunny and blue speckled eggs. LOVE! xo

  14. Oh my! These are the most precious things ever!!!

  15. So cute!!
    I have given your book, I love it ... congrats

  16. These are way too cute! These would make sweet gifts for my sons Sunday school teachers! Love love that speckled look too.

  17. Super cute. Love the speckled egg effect!

  18. I LOVE your double-decker cookies, Bridget! I have made them this year for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter, using last year's ideas. Now, I have a couple of questions. First, where did you get your egg cutters? I have a set of Ateco graduated oval cutters, but they aren't exactly an "egg" shape, are they? I'd love to have a set of egg cutters, too! And also, what is your edible "grass"? It looks great in the bowl display with your Easter cookies! Thanks so much for sharing your cookie ideas!

  19. Did you make the edible grass yourself?

  20. Loving the speckled eggs. These are a perfect gift for teachers and friends. Love seeing your cookie ideas. They are always so pretty and nice.

  21. You must already know I love much!

  22. I love this idea! Your cookies are gorgeous.

  23. BEAUTIFUL as always!! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter xxoo

  24. Okay question - when I outline my cookies, I use a #2 tip but the outline still seems too thick and the fill icing doesn't cover them as well as yours does. Do I need to use a smaller tip or is that something that will just come with practice?

    1. Hey Melissa...I find that going any smaller than a #2 for outlining leads to a lot of icing overflow. :) For the flood icing, try using a bit more than you think...I use quite a bit to get that smooth surface.

      Happy baking!

  25. Gorgeous cookies and I have serious bunny cutter time I'm in the States...

  26. Bridget, These cookies are ADORABLE! Love them! I'm always amazed by your creativity and attention to detail.

  27. Too cute! Where did you find that adorable bunny cookie cutter? Thanks. Kathy

  28. Really creative & perfect design


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