Friday, July 23, 2010

Cookies for TidyMom, DIY Custom Sanding Sugar and How to Market Your Business without Really Trying


I'm in Saint Louis!!!  You've heard me mention Cheryl of TidyMom here numerous times.  She's just the BEST....baking, crafting, photographing, TIDYING....she does it all.

I think Mr. E was wondering if she actually existed, so he gave me a ticket to actually meet her in REAL LIFE!

Here we are yesterday.  (Yes, I do have eyes, they just don't want to show themselves in this picture.)  I'm having the best time getting to visit with Cheryl and meet her adorable family.  If you have a bloggy friend, I highly recommend getting together in person!!! I am LOVING this visit!

So, the cookies.  I'm going to admit I'm not thrilled with them.  Cheryl is working on a blog redesign and wait until you see it.  It's fresh and bright and modern...and I wanted to make her cookies that captured that look.

I'm not sure I succeeded.

The inspiration for these comes from Decadent Cookie Favours which were featured on Sweetopia last week. (They do them much better.)

One reason, I can't pipe straight diagonal lines.  When will I learn my lesson?

BUT....I did try something new that worked!  Making custom sanding sugar!!!  Here's how easy it is...

Mix plain sanding sugar with a bit of AmeriColor Gel Paste Food Color . Shake and stir until blended.  Voila!

Now, How to Market Your Business Without Really Trying....

I was on the airplane to St. Louis and, for the first time ever, I actually had a laptop to use.  I was feeling pretty darn cool.  Had the row to myself, got out my computer and started editing the pictures of these cookies...
....that I almost didn't bring because they didn't turn out like I wanted. 

As we're taxing to the gate, the man diagonally behind me said, "Excuse me....those cookie pictures you had on your you make those? Do you have a card?"

Then the lady across the aisle said she wanted one, too.  The the guy BEHIND me asked for one!!!

Lesson can be shy and market your business...just have your computer open to your pictures.

Lesson learned 2...NEVER look at anything personal on your laptop on an airplane.  Apparently, EVERYONE is watching!


  1. Bridget, you're so inspiring! You've inspired me to do my next vlog for UofC on how to pipe straight lines.

    There's a trick to it, and I'm going to share it with you and the world!

  2. LOL!!! Good advice on both counts - be ware of what you're looking at, cause everyone else is AWARE!

    Congrats, that is awesome! And I think the cookies are beautiful...donno why you're not thrilled with them!

  3. This post made me smile. First that you actually get to meet Cheryl, second that you think your cookie lines don't look straight (they DO), and third that you're marketing your business on an airplane without even trying. Sheer genius!

  4. Great picture... LOVE the cookies.. LOVE the tip on sanding sugar... and SO SO SO SO SO happy you guys are having fun!!! YAY!!!

    Cant wait to read more and see more pictures!


  5. I love the colour of your cookies and think that you did a great job on them as I'M sure Cheryl did as well. Great tips on the sanding sugar and so nice that strangers requested your card...*strangers are just customers we haven't met yet*
    Great pic of you and Cheryl!

  6. Haha funny how that works out! By the way, those cookies are gorgeous! Don't be so hard on are so talented!

  7. "Lesson learned 2...NEVER look at anything personal on your laptop on an airplane. Apparently, EVERYONE is watching!"
    It is for this reason that I will never, ever understand the stories I hear about people checking out dirty things while on an airplane.
    On a less x-rated note, I think the cookies look great.

  8. I have made blog friends and so hope that we get to meet in person one day soon. What a fun gift from your hubby! PS ~ The lesson is well received on the laptop! Geez. :) Though our family was flying together a few months ago.... I was with my son & diaganol from us was a woman watching "Sex and the City" on her iPad.... I got to spend the entire flight diverting my son's eyes. :)

  9. Cute post. Love the two ladies have a great time!!!!

  10. I love how your shirt in the picture matches the cookies you made!!! Looks like fun.

  11. Bridget, I'm the same way about my cookies. I always want to ditch them because I don't think they're good enough but get tons of compliments on them anyways. Your's look great btw.

  12. I am completely LOVIN that post!
    ANd I do believe...those are one of my TOP 5
    Bake at 350 Cookies!
    Cause I LOVE the TURquoiSE! And WHITE!
    ANd I adore the scalloped edges!
    And I especially adore that they were for TidyMom!
    Yes I do!
    Just like I ADORE that you and TidyMom are having FUN FUN FUN together!
    And let me just say!
    If you had been on a plane...with ME!
    And you had your laptop out...editing THOSE cute COOKIES! had a whole row of SEATS vacant by YOU!
    Well now!
    I wouldn't have asked for your BUSINESS card!
    I'd a PLOPPED myself down right beside you...
    and made me a NEW BEST FRIEND! ;o)
    That's what I'd a {southern talk} done!

  13. I love these. If the lines aren't straight, I didn't notice! How long did you let the icing (specifically the white) before you put the sanding sugar on? I've not had good luck with always sticks to the icing I don't want it to.

  14. The cookies are adorable!! Straight diagonal lines are so last season so you're fine :D

    And yay for random laptop advertising!

  15. Wow, how fun!! I hope you have a GREAT time with TidyMom! The cookies look great- I can't wait to see her redesign!

  16. Bridget, You're too hard on yourself!
    Your cookies look perfect, as evidenced by your new fans via the airplane!!! What a great story!
    Continue to have fun in Missouri!

  17. So funny about the peeping airplane passengers:) I love that you got to visit your friend~looks like you all are having a great time :)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. But a totally cool way to get business!!

  20. What a great way to get some business!! I make sanding sugar on my own all the time, since we don't get any here!

  21. So glad you're having fun! This comes as no surprise, of course. I posted a link to your great sanding sugar tip on Edible Crafts today. And now I'm inspired to strap my open computer on my back and strut around town. "What? Oh, do I make cookies? How clever of you. Yes. Yes, I do!"

  22. Oh, I LOVE these cookies! Turquoise is my favorite color!! Hope you had a great visit. What an awesome gift from your husband. I'm sure your boys missed you.

  23. Bridget...I LOVE LOVE these cookies!! First, turquoise is one of my fav colors and me .. simple is BEST!! They are precious!! Have a wonderful time with your friend..that is great!

  24. Oh, these are beautiful! I'd love it if you'd come to my linky party. I host Home and Family Fridays. You're my baking idol!


  25. Looks like you two had a lot of fun!! :-)

  26. I like the cookies! And I share the straight line challenge, too! :-)

  27. I so excited for you both! What a great friendship :) Your cookies look wonderful, it's no wonder everyone wants to order them!

  28. I think the cookies look pretty! And you two look adorable in that picture... Hope you're enjoying your trip :)

  29. LAUGH OUT LOUD FUnny at Lesson #2! {sideache}

    Hope you're having a great time!

  30. Y'all are going to have the best time! You both are just so sweet.

    Love the cookies!


  31. As always... Your cookies are Beautiful! I am thrilled that you and Cheryl, aka TidyMom got to meet! You BOTH are high on my bucket list!

    Thank YOU for the tip on custom sanding sugars. Who knew!? Well, except for you...

    Good for you on the "accidental" referral of your business. And good for those passenger who recognize great cookie making talent when they see it!

  32. Oh my, well I think they're fantastic! Love the colors and the sanding.
    I'm so happy for the two of you getting to meet and spend time together!

  33. I know we are our toughest critics. But, just so you know... everything you make is always absolutely beautiful.

  34. Bridget , the cookies are super looking! Love the color and the sanding sugar is a great tip. Thanks so much! GLad you enjoyed your trip- I hope get to do that someday!

  35. The cookies were BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS in person!!!

    Miss you already!! Have fun at the Astro's game tonight!

  36. I think the cookies are beautiful! I love that color!

  37. Yes, your blog title is taking up at least half the space allotted for my blog roll:) Worth it though! Was just thinking I need to get a few cute little business cards to hand out when someone asks me about my blog (as opposed to scrawling my web address on an old napkin, or the back of a receipt, or crumpled post-it:).

  38. LOL love the advice, that is too funny. Beautiful cookies as always.

  39. I like that blue and that necklace! Can I borrow that?

  40. Loved your post. Just found you today. Sometimes we work so hard marketing and nothing, then when you least expect it, just by doing what you love, you gain clients, and sometimes new friends!
    I have a favor to ask. I have a friend who is returning to the states in 2 weeks from 1 1/2 yrs serving as a soldier in the mideast with his platoon of 50. I started a care package program for them which was just off the ground when the disaster in Haiti happened. All my contacts immediately gave their apologies but switched to Haitian relief efforts... I mean ALL my contacts... so we were not able to bless these courageous men and woman for the last months. In speaking with my friend he told me that the platoon will be together a week or so at their sending base and it would be awesome for them to arrive home with baked goods surprises , still as a team... I know the time is short, but I would love to have your help in making this possible. If interested, please email me at your earliest convenience... thanks.. and again thanks for sharing those awesome photos of your cookies and I look forward to your blogging!
    cathy b
    projecthope7 at gmail dot com


    I posted this about how sweet you are and how awesome your thank-you cards were. Thank you so much! I can't wait to spend it!

  42. That's awesome, Bridget! And when your eyes hide, it's okay- it means it's a real smile. That good, because the fake smiles suck! :) Have a fun day!

  43. bridget, the cookies are perfect and I love the idea to color your own sugar!
    Thanks for the plug!

  44. Blogger meet-ups are so fun! Looks like you gals had a great time together. Agreed, whenever I am working on blog posts in public loads of folks stop by to ask questions and get cards. Guess we have intriguing jobs :) Your cookies look awesome, just beautiful!

  45. Just found your blog when I googled "Hostess Cupcake"!

    SO happy I did... newest follower right here!


    [Life of Meg]

  46. OMG thank you so much for the tips. I would love to meet the different bloggers I read everyday.

  47. Bridget I loved this post! Mainly 3reasons:
    1. I love your COOKIES and these are fabulous as always... love the turquoise...
    2. You made me laugh with the story in the airplane...
    3. Love that you met with a blogger friend... I'll be on vacation with my children at The W's from 8/3 to 8/16 and would LOVE to meet you...
    hope we can actually meet!!

  48. Bea....seriously?!? The Woodlands?!? YES! Email's a date!

  49. Misc Momma...I let the cookie completely dry then put on the sanding sugar the next day with a little meringue powder mixed with water. :)

  50. I love your airplane story! You have to be prepared to market everywhere and just showing or using your product works. I have had the same happen with my mother in laws bags and she doesn't even do then for a business. I try to get her too, but she just wants to make a select few for those she loves. I am the lucky one for that! I always have business cards on me for my papercraft shop for occasions like you had.

  51. that is awesome Bridget! I'll have to read TidyMom's post i'm sure she had a blast on her visit with you. :D I think it would be cool to meet a Bloggy Friend!

  52. Your cookies always inspire me.. if it is something as simple as diagonal lines on a square cookie.. one day, one day I will be as good as you (with lots of practice). Love the advice too- I'm flying this weekend so maybe I'll just have to bring my laptop and show off my cakes :)

  53. Are you kidding me Bridget!? These look LOVELY!!! No wonder you had people peeking over your shoulder! ;-)

  54. where did you buy that adorable necklace??

  55. I was inspired by this :)
    I made some coloured sugar and put it on a cake

  56. Hello,
    Soo yummy cookies...I just loved your post and the dish...The way you have represented it is much better...Use of fine sanding sugar is just a cool idea...Thank you too much.......


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