Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shipping Cookies (and Twitter). . . .Works For Me Wednesday

The last thing you want to do after spending hours decorating cookies is to ship them off and have them arrive in crumbles. This is not a foolproof method, but it does (for the most part) work for me. :)

{It also helps to be nice to the UPS man....lady....person.}

I start with a document box. They are hard-sided and about 8 x 11 x 2 inches. They are not as cute as my pink bakery boxes for local deliveries, but they are much sturdier.

I line the bottom of the box with a sheet of foam (or small bubble wrap) and throw in a few business cards. :)

Add ONE layer of cookies. I can normally get 3 in each layer.

Cover with a sheet of foam and add another layer in the opposite direction.

That's all...2 layers. Top with a sheet of foam and seal.

Add a cute label and tape the front with packing tape so it doesn't bust open in transit.

Meanwhile, have your local hunky helper tape up the shipping box for you. {You can do this step yourself if you must.}

Cushion a shipping box with packing peanuts (or bubble wrap, or those air pocket thingies), add the cookies (a few boxes can be stacked) and add more peanuts.

And, don't forget...a cute label for the outer box!

And in the "Never Say Never" category, Bake at 350 is now on Twitter! I am officially a Twit...yay!

I must say, I'm a little addicted! Twitter is like a giant beauty shop with all of my best (cyber) girlfriends (and their friends) and companies I love (Starbucks! Domino Sugar! Panera! Real Simple!). I had no inclination to join until hearing about all the fun from a few bloggy friends. But, I'm drawing the line at Facebook (probably).

What is making it manageable for me is The Smart Girl's Guide to Twitter. It's an e-book that just came out in October...I joined Twitter in October...Coincidence? I think not! :)

The Smart Girl's Guide is written by Allison Worthington, the Martha of Social Media. I have learned so much and I'm not even halfway through it, yet! A link to the guide is on my sidebar.

If you're on Twitter, come by & say "hi!" You'll find me here: @bakeat350tweets. Tweet, tweet!


  1. I Love your blog!
    I recently joined twitter and will have to read that smart girls guide, I feel clueless :( and I'm sure it will help. Loved your shipping tips and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the cookies I shipped yesterday arrive without crumbs.

  2. So cute! Thank you for the tip! I love your blog (just discovered it) and am going to follow you on twitter.


  3. I can personally attest that your cookies don't crumble or break! I got my prize of the mustache cookies. Wow, when I opened up the box the aroma was so incredible. Your shipping method totally works! And thanks for sending these along!

  4. I wondered how you shipped them....

    So glad you're on Twitter!!!

  5. GREAT tips! I have never wanted to ship cookies for fear that they would arrive in bits...so this was a helpful lesson for me!

  6. How cute!!! Those cookies look yummy. =)

  7. Now I want to order cookies so I can have a special box like that delivered to my doorstep! lol

    In fact!! I should have ordered magnifying glass cookies or some other thing to match the Spy thing for the party...do you have anything like that in your archives?

  8. That looks like a fantastic packing job! I'm sure the cookies arrive in one piece. Thanks for the detailed description and pictures!

  9. I'm following you on Twitter now! I also just started to really get into Twitter- I can't tell if I really like it or not yet. Facebook, on the other hand, ate my soul somewhere back in college- talk about addiction! Facebook is an amazing tool for staying in touch with people but can also be a huge time waster!!

  10. Well...I discovered something tonight!
    Bridget ships cookies!
    I may have to place and order and taste those cookies I've been oooohing and aaaawing over for so long! Great Post! Now that we've moved to Seattle...I'll be shipping my sweet loving mom plenty of my favorites!

  11. I have to try your shipping method.... the first and the last time I shipped cookies it was a disaster, 50 % of the cookies broke, can you imagine???... I have never done it again, but now I wll try again..



  12. Great pictures to describe your steps! I too am excited to discover you SHIP cookies!! :) So when will you be launching a "order treats here" link to your new site!?!?! :)

    Also I need to order that book! Great description- all my fav. girls in a beauty shop... love it!

  13. love it! thanks for the post...I just shipped 42 cookies and it was a feat, for sure. The box weighed 10 pounds...shipping was a fortune.

  14. Welcome to Twitter, I recently joined too!


  15. I love love love your label. It's so cute! I never would have thought to use a doc box. Such a great idea! Of course I follow you on twitter, because I'm a twitter geek =)

  16. Ok...so the first thing I thought of was baking and sending to my daughter at college for her and her roommates. Then I saw your professional presentation and skeleton cookies and said to myself, "This lady has me beat". Then I started looking for where I can order. I'm putting your blog on my Food Blog roll so I don't lose you. I'm in love with your packaging! Thanks for sharing. Please stop by and visit and browse a while. If you like what you see, click the "Follow" button and subscribe just below to get instant updates. This way we can share ideas and spark each others creative juices.

  17. Love how you ship. What do you charge?

  18. Thanks for this post Bridgett, I was wanting to ship a few cookies this holiday!

    ....told you you'd love Twitter!! I love seeing you there every day!♥ I'll get you on FB next! LOL


  19. I love Works For Me Wednesday! Not sure if I'll be shipping an cookies this year, but when I do, I'll be sure to revisit this post. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

  20. Love your cookies! When I was working we used to order cookies and breads from a bakery in Utah. They were amazing!

    These days, I'll be trying my hand at baking my own cookies and sending them off as gifts.

    Thanks for sharing.

  21. thank you for sharing how you ship! I am just getting my business started and have been afraid of offering shipping. I am going to use these ideas when I ship some cookies to my brother this month. :)
    Also, I was looking for labels like the big round ones you used on the top of the box....where do you order yours?


  22. I love Works for Me Wednesdays!! These are great tips! We've shipped cookies several times and only had one disaster-thank goodness! But I've never thought about the wrap in between the cookies-yay another fantastic idea from you! Thanks!

  23. Awesome tutorial! You've told me how you do it before, but seeing it actually packaged up really helps. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

    And welcome to Twitter! :)

  24. Awesome, you're twittering - just followed you. I swear you read minds. I'm getting ready to make cookies to thank the newspaper writer and was concerned about the best way to mail. Any places to buy inexpensive white mailing boxes? My girlfriends are trying to set me up with their UPS guy. Hmmm...if only he could give me a discount on shipping!

  25. Thanks for the tips!! And I just followed you:)


  26. I don't twitter I facebook and don't think I would even have time to twitt with all my faceooking~ so you need to get one of those too~ I just posted our family portraits :) Love you~

  27. those cookies look delish and thanks for the shipping tips!

    Following you now on Twitter:@multitaskingme

  28. Great tips! I would like to send my family treats but always afraid they would break before they got there. I will follow your tips:)

  29. THANK YOU so much for the packing tips! I have mailed my son 2 dozen cookies(in Hawaii) and some didn't quite fare too well:( I should probably send a lesser amount:)

  30. I have to say I find Facebook to be a million times more useful than Twitter. Once you get past all the silly apps (execpt Lexulous, that rocks! :) ) I might have to read that Smart Girls Guide though because I sometimes feel like I'm missing something in the Twitter world. I just don't get it.

    Thanks for the great blog posts though!

  31. Thank you for sharing your tips! You are such an inspiration.

  32. Thanks for your tips on packing cookies. Just read you guest post about freezing cookies - very helpful and of course, I love those ornament cookies!

  33. {L}...I have never done a spyglass, but what a cute idea!

    Betsy...I was charging $9.99 9per dozen), but definitely losing $ on shipping. I may have to up it to $12. Still a loss with the price of the boxes, foam and peanuts, but closer to breaking even. :)

    Susan...I get my labels from a little shop on etsy called "this and that." I believe she is only taking reorders at this time.

    Kate...oooo, an "in" with UPS! Sounds promising! ;) I get those document boxes at a local shop here. I know WalMart sells them in a 3-pack, but they aren't a bargain. BUT, they seem to work.:) I may need to look into getting them wholesale.

  34. Great tips on how to send cookies! I will keep these in mind!

  35. This was SUPER helpful!! Mine always break in shipping to friends and i just couldn't figure out how to stop that from happening. Ill try this for sure!

  36. I could tell that you had done some reading prior to starting on Twitter. You seemed to know what you were doing from the outset. I love seeing you there and seeing a little more of your personality.


  37. You are always so helpful and generous with sharing your tips and knowledge. Hello Kookie really appreciates it!!!

  38. I wish I had seen this tutorial on shipping in October! I baked cookies for a friend of a friend's wedding and they arrived crumbled. BUMMER. I look forward to your method and can't wait to try your cookie recipe sometime. Where do you find your pink bakery boxes for other orders? I have been looking for some forever!

  39. Despite careful packaging, my cookies still break. But I think my problem might be impatience?
    I have been baking, cooling, decorating, and packaging the cookies into individual bags on the same day. They seem to crack from being soft. Do you mind sharing your schedule for all of those steps? Do you think they're just too soft (aka Fresh!) to be packaging and shipping all in the same day? I bake my cookies a bit soft to start with and they are thick. PERFECT for eating, but I'm wondering if this area is where I'm going wrong ... and maybe why my cookies break so ridiculously easy?


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