Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When life hands you vegetables, make cake!

When our family joined a CSA this year, I never pictured myself baking a cake from our shares.

beet cake

But, in our box this week…BEETS!

{For the rest of the story, please visit my post over at Blissfully Delish! See you there!}

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  1. Beets, huh??? I'll have to look into this!!! Very nice and have fun w/ Blissfully Domestic, that's very fun!

  2. I Beet this tastes great! Congratulations on your contribution, Bridget :)

  3. I made this cake last weekend with all three cups of beets. While it was good...I could definitely taste the beets. My hubby didn't enjoy it but I have continued to eat it not minding the taste too much. I definitely would like to try it again with substituting half the beets for carrots. Did you taste the beets in the cake when you made it?

  4. Lyndsi...ours did not taste like beets...it was more like a carrot cake or zucchini bread. I did use 1/2 carrots, so maybe that was the reason. The beets were also raw in the recipe, but that might not have been stated clearly.

    I hope if you try it again, your husband likes it better. My 10-year-old liked it, so that was the true test for me. He even KNEW it had beets in it and liked it anyway. ;)

  5. Bridget, I will definitely try it again with half carrots this time! I'm glad to hear that yours didn't have a beet taste =) I did use raw beets...and it was by no means a bad cake. I gave some to a friend who liked the taste of beets. I just can't get my husband to eat it unless I hide it a bit better =)


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