Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year (I'm still here!!!)

Happy 2009!!! We are still unpacking boxes, but my sprinkles and food colorings have a new home. :) This is a marked improvement over the box in an armoire where they have been residing!

I've been saving glass jars lately...I'm not sure why (is this a sign of middle age?). Using them, instead of plastic bags, for sprinkles is a lot more festive!
More baking to come once we are unpacked. In the mean time, take a look at this KILLER CAKE my sister made for Christmas!!! I can't remember what it was called, besides heavenly, and 5 pounds per slice!


  1. Your sprinkles look so pretty in their new home. I save glass jars too.

    I think I just gained 5 pounds from just looking at that cake!

  2. Welcome back, Bridget! Your sprinkles collection looks great in those jars... That cake looks sooo good ;)

  3. Oooh, when everything is unpacked, maybe you'll share your pantry photos on Other People's Pantries?

  4. Holy cow that cake looks divine! Good for your sister!

    I just organized my baking "stuff". It's all nicely placed in a couple of bins stored in the pantry. Lucky girl, yours has its own cabinet!

    I am not commenting on the collecting of glass jars on the grounds that it might incriminate me! LOL!!

    Happy 2009!

  5. the cake looks awesome :) i collect the jars too to put my sprinkles in and I m not middle aged yet I think. or is 30 middle age ??

  6. Seriously Bridget I have been saving glass jars lately too!!!! I am so serious and I don't know what to do with them, thanks for the tip :)So I guess you are all moved in... What a busy holiday!

  7. Hi there!

    I nominated you to receive a BUTTERFLY AWARD because I love love love your blog. Please visit my blog and take a look.


  8. That cake does look! I love the spice organization.

  9. I love how organized you are and that cake looks fab!

  10. Wow! I would love to know THAT recipe!
    I have just started collecting glass jars as well and now I don't understand why I haven't all along! Much easier and cleaner, etc.


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