Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The making of a racehorse

My sweet dad asked me to make some cookies for a charity event he is involved with again this year. Southwest Ambucs hosts Derby Days every year as their big fundraiser, you can read more about it here. It sounds like a wonderful event...hopefully one of these days, we'll be able to attend.

So, here are the horses outlined and ready for filling with the flood icing. I prop up the tray I am working with on a stool so it's more comfortable...less hunching over the table. :)

The brown icing has dried for several hours and the purple for a little over an hour. You can see that is looks wet in the picture. It's dry enough to pipe on top of it, though. I used a #2 tip for all of the outlining and piping.

And, here they are ready to be boxed and shipped to Amarillo! Hope they make it a-ok, Dad! (I know you won't eat one since they're not oatmeal raisin!!!) Thanks again!


  1. these are some of my favorite designs - I love love love these.

  2. I love reading about all your gorgeous cookies! One question: How do you get the inside coupler part out of the plastic disposable piping bag? Mine always gets jammed in so tightly and the icing is so slippery that I can never get it out!

  3. Hi Amanda! Here's how I un-couple my couplers:

    First, if I don't need them right away, I always wait until the next day to clean them. Not for any real reason other than I can't stand to deal with them directly after decorating. :) I scoot the trash can right next to the sink with the lid open. After unscrewing the coupler, I put the tip in a glass of soapy water and then squeeze all of the excess icing out of the bag over the sink. Then, I sort of push the coupler out, pushing it along from the short end to the large end. (Do this over the sink, lots of dried icing bits will fall out.) The coupler will be filled with icing still, so I give it a quick rinse and plop it in the soapy water glass with the tips. This is always messy, so that's why I have the trash can nearby to dump the bag without dripping all over the floor. :)

    Alternately, after taking off the tip and squeezing out the excess, you can cut the bag open just above the coupler. This eliminates having to deal with the majority of the icing bag, but then your kitchen shears will need a good wash as well.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Beautiful... it looks like you have been busy... look at all those cookies!!

  5. gorgeous cookies! How did you get the ribbons to all look so perfect?

  6. These look great as usual. i know our vip guests will enjoy them. thanks for making them, they add a special touch to our charity event.
    love dad

  7. Wow Bridget!! These look great and I bet they taste delish.

  8. I just found your blog last night and I am really enjoying it. I live in Bulverde, TX but I am originally from South Carolina. I have started baking for people and they especially love to order cookies. I am fairly new at the cookie part. I like doing cupcakes, bars, etc. but I am really starting to enjoy the cookies because you can be so creative. Your blog is very helpful, especially the "basics."

  9. Oh my, I forgot to ask you a question in my other post. I was trying to get my son to wake up for school and got distracted. I will be in Mississippi for the summer. A friend of mine here in Bulverde, wants me to bake and send her decorated cookies for a shower in July. Do the cookies ship well in really hot weather? I plan to overnight them by FedEx. She had asked if I could make them before I left (at the end of May) and freeze the cookies but I think I would rather bake fresh and send. Thanks for any help. Montee

  10. Hi Montee! Yes, the cookies should ship fine provided they are packed well. After LOTS of trials...and errors...what works best for me is to pack them in those hard sided document boxes in 2 layers, between layers of bubble wrap. Then put those boxes in a larger box padded with packing peanuts.

    If you are making cookies with royal icing, they freeze wonderfully! I usually have mine either in freezer ziplocs or individual cookie bags and then put those in a freezer safe tupperware-type container. They only need to thaw in their packaging for a couple of hours.

    Good luck! Post pictures of you can. :)

  11. Bridget,
    Thanks so much for the info! If time permits, I may just make these cookies and freeze them before I leave for Mississippi. You made me feel better about doing that. I will try to take pictures. My digital camera went kaput a couple of weeks ago. I may buy myself a Mother's Day gift from Best Buy! I miss my camera but I've had it for 7 years so I guess it was just time for it to go. Thanks again and glad you enjoy my blog!

  12. Hi Bridget,

    I just found your blog about the cookies you made for the Amarillo Ambucs fundraiser "Derby Days." I plan on attending and can't wait to try one of your cookies!


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